Technologies for energy access

Micro-grid system seen at a rooftop in rural Uttar Pradesh (India). It provides 24/7 access to electricity. In the background, a substation of a high voltage electricity transmission system, not extended to this village, as yet.

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Paikallisuus lähtökohdaksi energiantuotannossakin (in Finnish)

Mitä yhteistä on aurinkokennokännykkälaturilla matkailijan rinkan kyljessä, aurinkosähköllä toimivalla vedenpumppaamolla kuuman etelän maan pellon laidalla, tai tuulisähkövoimalalla rannikko kaupungin lahdella? Kaikki ovat erinomaisia siksi, että ne...Continue

Micro-electricity holds its position in the country of hundreds of millions of energy poor people

India Energy Access Summit 2018 in February in New Delhi gathered hundreds of people working with cleaner fuels and improved energy access for hundreds of millions...Continue

Blog post: Energy poverty breeds fantastic solutions and surprising behaviours

Access to truly green energy technologies with sufficient quality is a critical issue for the poorest. This text was publisehd on the SAIS-ISEP website on November...Continue

Sceneries from rural India

Uttar Pradesh is one of the most energy poor states in India, where around 10 million families do not have a access to electricity. Here are...Continue


Local entrepreneur Boond has setup solar micro-grids in seven villages in Uttar Pradesh, India. A pre-paid meter is installed in household that enables monitoring of instantaneous...Continue