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Connecting house plants to electricity price monitoring: A do-it-yourself (DIY) in-home-display (IHD)

My family is among the rare consumers (5–8% in Finland) still holding a market-based electricity tariff. I opted for it back in 2015 for climate and...Continue

Making green consumption-shifts fashionable. Bringing Energy Weather Forecast on TV!

In my last blog [1] I called for more environmentally-friendly and weather-sensitive power consumption ways to private Finnish homes. For example, people should try to avoid...Continue

Who dares to charge when power lines are burning red?

The more I think about the issue of demand management (demand side management, load shifting, postponing consumption etc.), the more I end up concluding that the...Continue

Energy for what? Aalto Sustainability Talks 27 November: slides, text and video

The topic of November's Aalto Sustainability Talks was was Sustainable Development Goal 7, which is Access to affordable and clean energy for all. Obviously, SDG7, by...Continue

Energy consumer device 2: Showerhead. Movie hero in the shower

A popular movie scene is where the heroine gets home, visibly exhausted and worn out from her world-saving activities; she takes her clothes off and steps...Continue

Energy consumer device 1: Freezer. Conserving cloudberries in a city

Somebody who ponders energy issues on a nearly day-to-day basis, it is probably normal to reflect her own personal energy consumption, habits and practices. This text...Continue

New blog series: energy use, energy demand, saving options (and other stuff)

A persistent research interest of mine has been: How to save energy (how and why and where and by whom). Goes without saying, our energy and...Continue