Video: Community and off-grid power – Experiences from Mali & India

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WATCH RECORDING (Duration: 30 minutes. Language: English)

How to promote sustainable, democratic and affordable energy solutions in the Global South? This panel discussion hosted by the Siemenpuu Foundation looks at the challenges and opportunities of solar power and off-grid power systems in providing electricity to rural areas and which types of electricity projects can best serve rural communities.

The panel is led by Hanna Matinpuro, director of the Siemenpuu Foundation, and includes as members doctoral student Sini Numminen from Aalto University and Access Energie and ACPREP founder Ibrahim Togola. The discussion is held in English.

The panel is part of the programme of the World Village Festival 2019 on Sunday 26.5.2019 16:00 – 16:30 on stage “Taiga” at the Finnish National Theatre Club Scene in Helsinki, Finland.

Watch the whole Sunday program recording from the stage. Our panel approximately at 5:09:00.